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Welcome to Inner Vision Meditation!

Providing Personalized Instruction in the Foundation Skills of

Focused Awareness Meditation

for Stress Management, Healing, and Self-Awareness

In this busy, often hectic and stressful life that many of us lead, one of the most effective ways to bring peace and balance into your life is to practice meditation. Creating a personal meditation practice will provide great benefits that include helping you become more centered and calm, resilient to stress, physically and emotionally healthier!  

What is Focused Awareness Meditation?

Meditation is an ancient practice that involves sitting and focusing awareness on breathing, quieting and calming the mind and being present in the moment. It is a simple, yet profound practice that heals, nourishes and transforms all levels of our being. It allows the body to relax, decreasing symptoms of stress, balancing the nervous system.

Meditation is widely known and accepted as a beneficial mind-body practice by the scientific community and the general public.

Clinical research has provided strong evidence that meditation, when practiced regularly, can help to:

  • lower blood pressure and heart rate

  • help reduce chronic pain

  • improve immune system function

  • reduce anxiety and symptoms of stress

  • increase concentration and ability to focus

What You Can Expect:

Inner Vision Meditation provides an individualized approach to building a personal meditation practice.

This involves an evidence-based approach to teaching the foundation skills for meditation which include:

  • cultivating a comfortable sitting position

  • establishing a breathing pattern to help quiet and focus the mind

  • practicing systematic relaxation

  • bringing mindfulness into focus

The Systematic Practice of Meditation is a Powerful Way To:

  • Restore vital energy

  • Promote self-healing

  • Bring a sense of balance and inner strength

  • Invite inner peace

  • Increase self-awareness, focus and concentration

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