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 Dinny Coleman, M.S., BCMS-I, OT/L,  is a certified Meditation Specialist through the Center for Meditation Science, licensed Occupational Therapist, and Child Life Specialist. 

An accomplished educator, health care professional, meditation and 

yoga practitioner, Dinny brings over 30 years of experience 

working with adults, children and families to her meditation specialist practice.   

 Prior to completing her meditation certification, Dinny worked as Program Coordinator and instructor in the Graduate Child Life and Family Centered Care Program at Wheelock College for 16 years. In addition, she worked as a Child Life Specialist at the Mass. Hospital School and has been a specialty teacher in a full day Kindergarten and preschool setting.  Her work as an Occupational Therapist ranged from Early Intervention to adult psychiatric treatment. 

Her varied experiences in health care, education and community-based settings has provided her with a broad understanding of the complexities of supporting others 

on their journey toward health and well being

Dinny is committed to bringing the highest level of service 

to those who wish to build a personal meditation practice.

 “The soul always knows what it 

needs to do to heal itself.

      The challenge is to quiet the mind.”  


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